The Agricultural Holding

The farm is irrigated with groundwater from a well (water flow of 57.600 litres/hour).

Agronomic Characteristics

This is a medium to high sized irrigated farm, relative to other farms in the area. Varied relief, with cultivated areas of medium slope (between 2.50 and 11.60%) and other unproductive areas with higher slopes

Soils of medium depth, medium stoniness and agronomic characteristics varied in terms of soil texture and therefore in terms of fertility and productive capacity.

Irrigation is carried out using water from underground water from a borehole in an adjacent property, segregated from the property it is the object of sale and from which the latter is the beneficiary by usufruct.

Irrigation network.

As for the climate, it is typically Mediterranean. The average annual temperature of 16.7ºC, with a maximum monthly thermal amplitude of 15.6 C. The average temperature in winter is close to 10ºC and in summer it is higher than 22ºC. The relative atmospheric humidity is high with an annual value of 68%. Rainfall is concentrated in spring and autumn and is between 400 and 700 mm / year. All this, together with the high summer temperatures, gives rise to a period of summer aridity, characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.


The estate has irrigation, with the necessary infrastructures, pumping groups, irrigation stations, main and secondary buried pipelines, a well-designed network of internal roads, electrification, telephone service, terraces and defence against erosion where necessary.

Environmental Protection

The family owner of the farm, aware of the protection of the environment, has ensured that all work is focused on:

  • protecting the original ecosystem,
  • obtaining a natural, chemical-free product,
  • harvesting when the fruit is ripe to get its characteristic flavor and aroma,
  • Avoiding post-harvest handling: brushing, washing, waxing, degreening, chamber storage…

For all these reasons, the holding benefits from the basic payment aid granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the payment for agricultural practices that are beneficial to the environment.